The members of our loyalty program can save significant amounts of money even on this year’s vacation.

Our new loyalty program, Hű! has already been chosen for nearly 1,500 bookings since its launch that was just a few weeks ago. The Hű! membership is free, but requires registration. In exchange for joining, guests can access discounted offers from more than 2,000 accommodations so far. With the membership, guests will also receive program coupons as a gift for domestic bookings, so they can save an additional 10-50 percent  from the price of entrance tickets and restaurants.

Prior to the introduction and development of the program, with the cooperation of Frontira, we conducted representative research among the Hungarian population, in which we examined attitudes related to loyalty. According to the survey, more guest nights can be generated thanks to the discount offers. Every second respondent would travel 1-6 days more per year than without the discount. „Two-thirds of the respondents would prefer to travel more than once a year if they received more discount offers, 22% would rather spend longer time in one place, while 13% would not be affected by this,” explained Beatrix Trepess, the marketing manager responsible for the loyalty program. The research also revealed that four-fifths of respondents are open to loyalty programs and are already members of many of them. Most people register because of the feeling of personalized offers and collecting points. „When using an online accommodation booking portal, price, quality, previous experience and comfort are the most important,” added Beatrix.  She also said that the percentage if the discount proves to be the most valuable, followed by discount coupons for attractions and restaurants near the accommodation. „The results show that even a 10% discount is motivating, but for a third of the respondents, the 15% level is the lower threshold, and almost two-thirds would prefer a level above 20%,” said Beatrix.

Hű! has nearly 10,000 users who have already registered for membership in less than 2 weeks, and they booked nearly 1,500 discounts in one of the Hungarian, Croatian, and Romanian accommodations that joined the program. „The loyalty program benefits both guests and accommodation providers,” said Beatrix. „Guests registered for the loyalty program can get significant discounts, and accommodation providers participating in the program, in addition to getting better visibility on our site, can also benefit from more guest nights.” Members are entitled to a 10% discount at the initial loyalty level at more than 2,000 selected hotels in Hungary, Croatia and Romania. They can also save on the price of entrance tickets and restaurants. The loyalty levels can be increased with a higher discount: the next level is a 20% discount. „We are constantly expanding the new loyalty program based on our preliminary survey and market feedback, so we will soon add more campaigns and benefits to the program,” said Beatrix. She also added that the registration of hotels, tourist attractions and restaurants is also open, they can join the loyalty program at any time, for which they will receive a free interface and appearance on the website.

Why is it worth joining?

As the research shows, price is one of the most important criteria for the majority of guests when choosing accommodation, which is why they can be moved towards booking with a discount. „This is a great opportunity for accommodation providers, for example, who don’t have their own loyalty program or don’t have the opportunity to carry out major marketing campaigns – said Beatrix – But it also benefits the big players, as they can be higher in the search results list, so they get better visibility.”  As a result of the better price, the majority of guests can travel several times or for a longer period of time on an annual basis, so the number of guest nights increases.

Thank you to all colleagues who participated in the implementation, communication and introduction of the loyalty program. Congrats for reaching another milestone in Szallas’s history!