Cross Country Markets

As a combination of the strong domestic products, the more than 80 thousand accommodation provider partners, the integrated platform and the cross-country customer service team, we are able to serve regional cross-country travel needs as well. We are present in two markets with mostly inbound travel purpose, Croatia and Slovakia. In these markets we do not focus on websites and marketing but on maintaining a strong accommodation provider portfolio. When cross-country travel is allowed, regional visitors from Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Romania can reserve their trips on our major OTAs.


We have started to build our accommodation portfolio in 2012 in Croatia, the main seaside vacation destination of the CEE region. We can serve our CEE guests with a rapidly growing number of own, partially exclusive accommodation partners and accommodations through multiple local aggregator partners as well.


Tímea Molnár

Country Manager of Croatia and Austria

Melanie Ivasic

sales manager

Jasna Omerovic

customer & partner service representative

Jelena Peles

customer & partner service representative

Emese Vusic

customer & partner service representative

Marija Nekić

sales manager

20 611

Number of accommodation providers


Inbound gross booking value


In Slovakia we have a light presence with one domestic OTA ( which is mostly focusing on cross-country reservations to Hungary and Croatia. Slovakia’s natural environment makes the country a popular destination among the ones who like to hike, to ski or to do some other sports in the mountains. So we maintain a strong bookable Slovakian accommodation provider portfolio by our aggregator partner, Previo. Slovakia is an important destination mostly for Hungarian and Czech travellers.

Rev N Go

Dániel Gönci

SK Country Director

József Bárány

Site Manager and Partner Management Expert

Jitka Tolnai

Senior Customer Service Representative

Lydia Kassai-Bodnár

Customer Service Representative (CZ/SK)

1 259

Number of accommodation providers


Inbound gross booking value