In April, Szallas Group implemented its first international job shadowing program, where participating colleagues had the opportunity to spend an entire workday with a Group Management member of their choice.

The goal of this international program was to provide colleagues with insight into how the Group Management daily work looks like, in order to implement the strategic vision of Szallas Group through short but intensive interactions. The applicants participated in leaders’ meetings, learned about their career paths and motivations, and during shared breakfasts and lunches, they also discussed their own plans and future ambitions.

„The job shadowing day was a challenge as a leader as well, because we received very bold questions about both the company’s strategic goals and our personal ambitions and career paths.” highlights Krisztina Agárdi, Group HR & Communication Director of Szallas, and one of the hosting participants of the program.

According to the feedback, colleagues also enjoyed this intense day, which jolted them out of their daily routines and provided forward-looking experiences in terms of both the company’s vision and their personal career paths. Especially if they had the chance to visit another country or office as part of the program.

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