Group actions

As a group it is important for us to use our collective power to have an effect on the life of our internal and external target groups. I.e. on the wellbeing of our colleagues, of the ones in need, on the consciousness of consumers and on the industrial knowledge of our accommodation partners.

CEE Tourism Trends Webinar 2022

Despite the increasing accommodation prices, the global inflation and the war in the neighborhood, tourism is back on track in the CEE region. It’s not just the number of active bookings that exceeds all previous 3 years, but cross-country travel related searches also grew by 41% this spring. Hoteliers should follow the digitization trends as by 2026, the share of online gross booking value will reach 97% in the inbound tourism segment. After two years of covid-closure, 90+% of people wish to travel in 2022, mostly within the region.
Szallas Group, Google, Previo and D-EDGE have held their first joint webinar about the future possibilities and challenges of tourism in the CEE region.

CEE Tourism Report 2022 by Szallas Group

CEE Tourism Report 2022 by Szallas Group about the COVID- and post-COVID tourism trends of the region.
Summarizing the most important characteristics of the CEE tourism market, highlighting the similarities of the CEE countries.
Presenting some challenges and opportunities that CEE travel market players will face in the next 2022-2026 period.

Reports about the FOMO effect in the tourism segment

In partnership with Frontira, we have analyzed the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) effect of the online travel agencies’ communication and based on the results we have developed a webpage to teach conscious internet usage to consumers. You can download the shortened report in 5 languages from here: