The growth potential of Central and Eastern Europe’s tourism sector

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is home for 20% of the European Union’s population and has a GDP per capita growth rate almost double that of the EU average.
CEE countries have already reached a level of average wealth that makes holiday travel accessible for most, as 60% of the population travels at least once a year. Considering that about 80% of that travel is domestic or regional, due to historical and financial reasons, it can be considered a rather closed market.
COVID has only magnified these trends, making the CEE domestic tourism industry one of the highest growing segments of European tourism.

Szallas Group, a leading domestic online travel agency in the region, recently published its comprehensive report about the CEE region. CEO József Szigetvári explains the purpose of the report and the potential for travel and tourism in the CEE region.

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How Szallas Built an OTA Powerhouse in Central and Eastern Europe

The Central and Eastern European travel market is ripe for investment. Despite the ongoing war in Ukraine, domestic and regional tourism has continued to grow above 2019 levels. Meanwhile, amidst rapidly increasing digitization among both consumers and travel providers, the region boasts huge long-term opportunities for companies who are able to connect with its unique traveler base and integrate technology across these similar yet distinct markets.

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Szallas Group helps refugees of Ukraine

Szallas Group has been determined to help refugees of Ukraine since the first day of the war with the best we can offer: our expertise in finding and booking accommodation.

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Press – HU: Tourism in Central and Eastern Europe can expect a dynamic recovery

Rise in price/night, shortage of labour and continuous digitalization are the main effects of the pandemic for the accommodation providers of the CEE region.

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